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Solar panel installation


FPM-68 68 Watt Flex Solar Power Mat For Recreational Vehicles and Boats

Solar energy installation

We do solar energy installation

  • This product was designed to be extremely strong and durable and to withstand major impacts. In fact, you can walk on it which allows you unrestricted roof access. It is also highly resistant to UV ray’s being made high quality EPDM synthetic rubber
  • Shadow tolerant, low light performance collects energy even from indirect sunlight by use of bypass diodes which allow more efficient energy production even on overcast/dull days
  • Aerodynamic, low profile design along with it’s flexibility allows the Flex Power Mat to be placed on the roof design of your RV, cabin, boat or manufactured home
  • Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation. Self Gasketing Design to prevent any leakage. No metal parts to mess with, no climbing up on top of your roof to re-adjunct your panel any time you want to travel.
  • Energy Del Sol recommends that all FLEX POWER MAT be professionally installed by a certified solar installer

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Product Description
Flex Power Mat combined with the Uni-Solar PVL68 was developed for the application of harnessing the Sun’s Solar Energy in remote locations allowing you to power your RV, Boat, Trailer and other applications. The FPM-68 combines revolutionary EPDM synthetic rubber and (patent pending) designs that can withstand extreme climate and weather conditions. The FPM-68 incorporates the latest photovoltaic laminates with our customized mounting systems. Energy Del Sol is the first company to offer matting solutions for solar panels, designed specifically for the roof tops of recreation vehicles, manufactured housing, travel trailers and the marine industry. In case you need more power you can add an additional FPM-68. It doesn’t matter where you and your family are going. Energy Del Sol newest FLEX POWER MAT will be there to help you…


This is innovation in sources of energy

This flexible solar mat comes in the box as on a picture. You can even walk on it, without doing any damage. This solar mat is especially designed to suit for RVs. It will fit right between the edge of RV and Roof Vents and/or AC. With this flexible solar panel, you will have easy access to a roof and have more Free Energy than the Standard Panels out in the market. In the flex mat each cell is composed of three semiconductor junctions stacked up top of each other. The bottom cell absorbs the red light, the middle cell absorbs the green light, and the top cell absorbs the blue light. This spectrum splitting capability is the key to higher efficiency. Furthermore, Flex mat panel absorbs more sunlight for longer period of time than standard panels, caused by lesser reflection of sunlight.The Recommended Retail Price (RRP) for Flex Mat Panel is 759.97.

Your Price : 399.99 .special FOR Winter

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solar panel install Energy   Del Sol FPM-68 68 Watt Flex Solar Power Mat For Recreational Vehicles   and Boats

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You will see advantages of solar energy