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RV furnace repair

If you're a new RVer it may be a good idea if you know the basics of furnace repair service.
Here are some tips on furnace repairs. Your RV furnace operates on the 12vdc system, but you don't have to be plugged in to 120v power use it.
If your thermostat controls only the furnace and has a switch to turn the furnace on/off, switch it to ON position. If your thermostat controls the furnace and the air conditioner make sure the switch is set to FURNACE.
Set thermostat to warm temperature and furnace blower should come on after 15-30 seconds.
Blower runs for 15-30 seconds then burner will fire up. It's normal for burner to cycle on and off.
When proper temperature is reached, the burner will cut off, blower will continue to run for a short time.
Some common RV furnace or heater problems can be solved with basic troubleshooting and simple furnace repair parts. Keep in mind that any RV furnace repair should be done by a qualified technician.In this case feel free to call us anytime, we work 24/7. RV Eagle furnace repairs Phoenix is there for you.